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Ashton Drake Dolls
GOING OUT OF BUSINESS - PRICES SLASHED WHILE SUPPLIES LAST - Customer will be notified by Pay Pal with the cost of the order and shipping charges. . - ALL ITEMS ARE NEW - ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO REFUNDS - International shipping is by U. S. Postal Service. Price for shipping is determined by weight and size of package.
Ashton Drake Dolls

Bear-ly Big Enough Special Offer!   USD21.00

Bear-ly Big Enough  76359 
Bearly Big Enough

AmeliaSpecial Offer!   USD24.00

Amelia 92131 

Sleeping Like A Angel Special Offer!   USD24.00

Sleeping Like A Angel  93381 
Artist Louise Tierney - About 14 Inches - Porcelain

Watch Her Crawl Special Offer!   USD15.00

Watch Her Crawl  93684 
Artist Yoland Bello - 14 Inches - Porcelain

Clarissa Special Offer!   USD30.00

Clarissa  93942 
Clarissa-- Artist Robin Miller - 10 Inches Sitting

HopeSpecial Offer!   USD35.00

Hope 93951 
Brown Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a tan gown with gold trim - Includes fence and gold ...

Patience Is A Blessing Special Offer!   USD24.00

Patience Is A Blessing  93983 
Artist Ruth Mattingly - About 16 Inches - Porcelain

Playing Mommy Special Offer!   USD30.00

Playing Mommy  94052 
Blonde Hair - Bllue Eyes - Wearing a yellow outfit - Sitting with a cradle and doll - ...

Calling GrandmaSpecial Offer!   USD30.00

Calling Grandma 94053 
Calling Grandma

Days Filled With Hugs & Kisses Special Offer!   USD20.00

Days Filled With Hugs & Kisses  94211 
Artist Julie Good-Krilger - 10 Inches - Porcelain

Ginny Special Offer!   USD19.00

Ginny  94231 
Blonde Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a yellow & white outfit

Tyler Special Offer!   USD24.00

Tyler  94243 
Brown Hair - Green Eyes - Wearing a green snowsuit with blue hat and scarf - Holding carrots ...

Graduation BoySpecial Offer!   USD24.00

Graduation Boy 94523 
Blonde Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a blue & white short set sitting on a white pillow ...

Missing You Special Offer!   USD15.00

Missing You  94546 
Missing You - Artist Mary Tritter - About 5 Inches Sitting - Porcelain

Princess Margaret RoseSpecial Offer!   USD150.00

Princess Margaret Rose 94590 
Porcelain - Doll designed in the late 1940s in recognition of the Royal Family. ...

Cody & Cuddle Bear Special Offer!   USD24.00

Cody & Cuddle Bear  94851 
Blonde Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a blue jumper with a red shirt - Sitting with a ...

Sam & Sharing Bear Special Offer!   USD19.00

Sam & Sharing Bear  94854 
Blonde Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing red overalls with a striped shirt - Holding a honey jar ...

Princess Diana Red Dress Special Offer!   USD95.00

Princess Diana Red Dress  96002 
This is the second issue in the "Portraits of Diana collection". She is dressed in the brilliant scarlet ...

Claudia Special Offer!   USD20.00

Claudia  96061 
Claudia - Artist Phyllis Perkins - 11 Inches - Porcelain

Fresh From The Patch Special Offer!   USD30.00

Fresh From The Patch  96292 
Painted Hair - Brown Eyes - Wearing a white and blue outfit holding a bear covered by his ...

Bride Doll Special Offer!   USD35.00

Bride Doll  96512 
Artist Phil Tumminio - 19 Inchesm - Porcelain

First Day Of School Special Offer!   USD40.00

First Day Of School  96632 
Brown Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a red plaid jumper with pooh designs and a white shirt ...

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