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Ashton Drake Dolls
GOING OUT OF BUSINESS - PRICES SLASHED WHILE SUPPLIES LAST - Customer will be notified by Pay Pal with the cost of the order and shipping charges. . - ALL ITEMS ARE NEW - ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO REFUNDS - International shipping is by U. S. Postal Service. Price for shipping is determined by weight and size of package.
Ashton Drake Dolls

Ginny Special Offer!   USD19.00

Ginny  94231 
Blonde Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a yellow & white outfit

Walt Disney World Boy  Special Offer!   USD30.00

Walt Disney World Boy  76032 
17 Inches - An original issue in the First Day at Walt Disney World - Artist Titus Tomiscu ...

Kathy With Report Card Special Offer!   USD24.00

Kathy With Report Card  30331 
Urtist is Titus Tomesscu - About 15 Inches -- Porcelain

Spring Enchantment - Doll Only Special Offer!   USD19.00

Spring Enchantment - Doll Only  92462 
Artist Gaby Rademann - About 12 Inches - Doll Only - Porcelain

AlexSpecial Offer!   USD21.00

Alex 92485 
Artist Kathy Barry-Hippenstill - 11 Inches Sitting - Porcelain

Bear-ly Big Enough Special Offer!   USD21.00

Bear-ly Big Enough  76359 
Bearly Big Enough

Graduation BoySpecial Offer!   USD21.00

Graduation Boy 94523 
Blonde Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a blue & white short set sitting on a white pillow ...

JennySpecial Offer!   USD24.00

Jenny 96084 
Brown Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a white nithtgown holding a book - Appros. 16 inches

Fresh From The Patch Special Offer!   USD24.00

Fresh From The Patch  96292 
Painted Hair - Brown Eyes - Wearing a white and blue outfit holding a bear covered by his ...

Little Women Christmas Set Special Offer!   USD60.00

Little Women Christmas Set  92339 
This is the complete set of Ashton-Drake porcelain doll sisters from Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. Each doll ...

Everlasting Friendship Special Offer!   USD22.00

Everlasting Friendship  94093 
Brown Hair - Brown Eyes - Wearing a salmon outfit - Artist Robin Miller - 11 Inches Sitting ...

HopeSpecial Offer!   USD28.00

Hope 93951 
Brown Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a tan gown with gold trim - Includes fence and gold ...

Hope's Bright Light Special Offer!   USD25.00

Hope's Bright Light  94593 
Brown Hair - Brown Eyes - Wearing a purple dress with wings and halo holding a candle - ...

It's A Girl Special Offer!   USD24.00

It's A Girl  76922 
Blonde Painted Hair - Closed Eyes - Wearing a pink sleeper with ruffles - Includes a blanket, hospital ...

Playing Mommy Special Offer!   USD25.00

Playing Mommy  94052 
Blonde Hair - Bllue Eyes - Wearing a yellow outfit - Sitting with a cradle and doll - ...

Hooked On Fishing  Special Offer!   USD22.00

Hooked On Fishing  94883 

Tyler Special Offer!   USD20.00

Tyler  94243 
Brown Hair - Green Eyes - Wearing a green snowsuit with blue hat and scarf - Holding carrots ...

First Day Of School Special Offer!   USD30.00

First Day Of School  96632 
Brown Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a red plaid jumper with pooh designs and a white shirt ...

Good Witch Special Offer!   USD13.00

Good Witch  94165 
Good Witch

Sled Ride With Pooh Special Offer!   USD30.00

Sled Ride With Pooh  94251 
Blonde Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a pooh snowsuit riding a sled and hugging a stuffed pooh ...

WizardSpecial Offer!   USD13.00

Wizard 94166 
Wizard - About 9 Inches - Porcelain

Princess Margaret RoseSpecial Offer!   USD150.00

Princess Margaret Rose 94590 
Porcelain - Doll designed in the late 1940s in recognition of the Royal Family. ...

Brianne Special Offer!   USD22.00

Brianne  93831 
Brown Hair - Brown Eyes - Wearing a pink and white dress holding a stuffed puppy - Approx ...

LillianSpecial Offer!   USD31.00

Lillian 94481 
Blonde Hair - Blue Eyes - Wearing a light pink dress holding her porcelain doll - Approx. 18 ...

Tuck Me In Mommy Special Offer!   USD15.00

Tuck Me In Mommy  93801 
Tuckk Me In Mommy -

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